Strategy and Consulting

What would a clear strategy – made by dedicated staff – do for your business?

There is enormous unused potential for growth in many businesses. Use it. Establish a lasting, forward-looking strategy. State your commitment to your plans of action. And create common understanding, motivation and capacity for action in the organisation.


A strategy is not just something you have: it is also something you act upon, and in our experience, it works best when it is developed by everyone together. Therefore, our strategy workshops are intensive, engaging and most of all: action oriented.

In collaboration with Experts4Experts you will get a well-organised and professional process with goal-driven debate about the overall strategy, performance, cooperation, internal processes and blind spots.

Regardless of whether you are 10, 50 or 100, Experts4Experts have the tools to facilitate the process throughout the organisation and create a framework that lets all managers/key people have their say.

Participants are involved in the strategic process and everyone is motivated to show trust and take ownership. We ask the questions and together we find the right answers.

The reward is focus and a willingnes for action expressed in a clear, useful strategy with solid and comprehensible plans of action. A strategy that is backed up by all participants.

Two concepts in particular are sought in strategy development and business development: Company Days and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. In both cases the process can be a two-day workshop or several short workshops held over a period.


Examples of strategy tasks:

  • Strategy plan for Scandinavian ports and airports
  • Facilitation of strategy process for a medium-sized manufacturing business in a turn-around process
  • Wording of overall goals and strategy for a small manufacturing company in connection with the appointment of a new manager
  • Facilitation of strategy for a major industrial business in connection with succession planning